Dave Olson is first and foremost a seeker after God. He has been pursuing God all his life, beginning with enthusiastic participation in Sunday School and youth programs in his home church. This developed into leadership in community youth outreach programs during his high school and university years.

Pursuit of God led him into seminary training after graduation from college and then into service as pastor in an Evangelical denomination in the USA. For over 20 years he served churches as associate and senior pastor. Then, in 1991, God led Dave and his wife Linda out of pastoral service to found Listening Prayer Ministries. Through this ministry Dave and Linda conducted seminars on hearing the voice of God and training in counseling through listening prayer. They did personal counseling with people seeking help with emotional, relational and spiritual issues and saw many wonderful results as people heard from Jesus himself what is the fulfillment of their needs. The basic substance of their teaching has been written in the book, Listening Prayer, by Dave and Linda Olson.

Following the death of Linda, Dave gave up Listening Prayer Ministries and established InAbba. Through both Listening Prayer Ministries and InAbba, Dave has been privileged to travel extensively in the USA and Europe learning from Christians of different cultures and conducting seminars on intimacy with God.

Dave’s training includes a Master of Theology degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and a certificate in Prayer Counseling from Elijah House, Post Falls, ID. He has taken training in spiritual direction and has several years of experience giving direction to individuals in several countries. He  has a Doctor of Ministry degree in Christian Spirituality from Fuller Theological Seminary. This training serves Dave’s interest in learning about and teaching the history and methods of spiritual formation and pursuit of the intimacy of holiness in relationship with God. These training programs have been very helpful, but most of what he knows has been taught by the Lord through Scripture, insight from the Holy Spirit, and experience.
Dave is author of several books and collections of poetry (see Writings). He continues his earnest pursuit of God through reflection, study, relationships, the interaction of seminars and the general experiences of life.

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