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Listening Prayer:
My Sheep Hear My Voice - $13.00
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Also in German -
Hörendes Gebet:
Meine Schafe hören meine Stimme - 15.00 Euro

Jesus says, in John 10:16, that his sheep know and hear his voice. In Listening Prayer co-authors Dave and Linda Olson show that this word of Jesus can be taken at face value and practiced as a familiar part of person’s Christian walk. With explanations, examples and guidelines the authors show the way to listen, to hear, and to follow Jesus’ voice. They also present a specific application of listening prayer to counseling with another person. They show that Jesus will himself explain the causes of problems and the solutions, to the person who brings the issue, when someone assists them in listening to him. Listening Prayer is a valuable guide to personal spiritual growth and a helpful resource to those who seek to counsel others.



Hearing the Voice of God - $10.00

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Can an individual hear the voice of God? Is it biblical to believe so, and to act on this? Is listening to God’s voice a significant element in a believer’s life, or even necessary? Can an individual trust what he/she hears? What if one "hears wrong"? These are some of the questions addressed by Dave in Hearing the Voice of God. The intention of the book is to show that dialogue with Jesus is the key to intimacy with him, and to encourage readers that every follower of Jesus Christ can hear his voice and, with confidence, obey it.

Also in German -
Die Stimme Gottes
Hören - 14.00 Euro

A Burning Heart: Living in the Fire of the Father’s Fierce Love - Paperback not available

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The love of God the Father is firm and sure, but it is not always apparent. We prefer something that "feels like love" by giving us comfort and security. Yet the Father desires that we would know his love in the deep places of our soul, the places of fear, hope and longing. In this book Dave relates from his own experience how to recognize God’s love in the fiery places of life and to take from these a more firm assurance of not only the Father’s love for you, but of your love for him.

Flame of Love: Reflections on the Song of Songs - $10.00

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The Song of Songs (also called "Song of Solomon") is probably the most curious of the books of the Bible and the most difficult to understand and apply. In the present day it does not have prominence in the teaching and worship of the church and of most Christians. However, in earlier centuries it was read, interpreted and preached as a primary source of the church’s life and the Christian’s relationship with God. In Flame of Love Dave shares his own reflections on the meaning of this song of love and how it represents the relationship Jesus desires with each believer and with his bride the church. The book is not an exhaustive commentary, but endeavors to lead the reader into personal encounters with the text and with the Lover who sings in it.


Leaves from a Pilgrim’s Journal
- $8.50
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In this short volume Dave shares his experiences and understanding of spiritual pilgrimage. It is an invitation to readers to discover this form of spiritual formation. Based on Dave’s own pilgrimages in Europe, it offers encouragement and suggestions for journeys which open wider the soul and lead to rich encounters with God and self.

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Doctoral Dissertation: Training Manual for Pursuing Holiness
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Annotated Bibliography of Christian SpiritualityPDF File

Trappist Abbey Journal, full size PDF File


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